About BluBroadband High Speed Internet

BluBroadband High Speed Internet is a service provided by SJP Network Solutions offering fixed wireless high speed internet in Okaloosa County, Florida. Using a receiver we place on your roof linking to one of our towers, we are able to provide your household or business with blazing fast speeds! Our fixed wireless devices go on top of your roof like satellite television services, but doesn't go out during storms like satellite and is always on. We aim to provide the most reliable internet services possible at a price everyone can afford. For more information about BluBroadband High Speed Internet call (850) 659-6650. To sign up for our services click here.



Other Services Available

SJP Network Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive networking and entertainment solutions to Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding area. Available services include network installation and management, wireless network installation, audio/video home theater installation, CCTV/security camera installation, website design and website hosting. For more information about these services click here.

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